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Visual Editor

  • Simple and fast creation of variants
  • No programming skills required
  • Changing texts, images and formatting
  • No waiting times for developer resources
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  • Creation of target groups
  • Flexible linking of target groups
  • Transfer of user-defined properties
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Single Page Application Support

  • Easy implementation especially for SPAs
  • Helper functions for dynamic elements
  • Supports React, Vue, Angular and many more
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Compliant with Data Protection Laws

  • DSGVO compliant
  • Data is stored on servers in Germany
  • Data processing agreement
  • No use of cloud services for data storage
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Simple and reliable Quality Assurance

  • Checking of variants before an experiment is started
  • Direct control of each variant
  • Simplified quality assurance on mobile devices
  • Quality assurance that spans multiple pages
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All Features

A/B Tests

Show your users different variants of a page and find out which has the greatest success.

Extensive Targeting

Bunchbox offers extensive targeting properties. And more user-defined ones can be added.

Targeting Editor

With the targeting editor you can intuitively define the most complex target groups.

Visual Editor

Create variants of a website without programming knowledge and without long deployment processes.

Flexible Variant Creation

Code variants can be used to implement even the complexest variants with changes to structure and functionality.

Each action can be a Conversion

Different goal types allow you to make any action on your site a conversion.

Simple Reporting

The test results can be quickly observed with the simple visualization.


View test results not only for all users, but also for specific target groups, e.g. per marketing channel.

Variant Distribution

Specify for each variant what percentage of users should be assigned to it.


If several tests are running simultaneously on one page, you can use the prioritization to determine how the tests relate to each other.

Analytics Integration

Bunchbox can pass the experiment information to analytics. Tests can thus also be evaluated in web analytics tools.

Quality Assurance Mode

With the QA mode a realistic quality assurance directly on the site is possible, without the real users already participating in the experiment.


The attention of the users is visualized with a heatmap including mouse movements, clicks and scrolling.

Single Page Application Support

Bunchbox's JavaScript API allows you to perform tests with Single Page Application.

Simple Implementation

With a single line of code in your website, you can start the first tests.

Data Storage on german servers

All resulting data is stored on local servers in a german data center.

Short Loading Times

The experiments are delivered via a fast CDN. This minimizes loading times.

Helper Functions for creating variants

A small collection of auxiliary functions simplifies the programming of variants.

Creating segments subsequently

If a segment is missing during the analysis, it can be created even if the experiment is running no longer .


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  • unlimited domains
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  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited campaigns
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